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Here's what you can expect to experience with Vestable:

MANY BUYERS:  We already have a proprietary database of over 170,000 qualified buyers across the country. We'll bring additional buyers to the table by investing our own money in Facebook ads, Google ads, educational content, and partnerships. We're experts at this.

QUALITY BUYERS:  We filter out any "tire kickers" or competitors by interviewing all prospective buyers and conducting due diligence on them. We also require proof of funds.

CREATIVE SOLUTIONS:  Each deal is unique and has its own obstacles that need to be overcome in order to reach alignment from both the seller and the buyer. We have decades of experience structuring deals and executing unique relationships.

QUICK PROCESS:  Before Vestable, it usually took 8-10 months to sell a small business. Thanks to our sophisticated approach to attracting buyers and facilitating deals, we pride ourselves on our ability to dramatically shorten the sale process. 

SAFER SELLER FINANCING:  60% of small business sales require seller financing. If you allow the buyer to pay you part of the purchase price over time, we'll reduce as much risk for you as possible by doing the following: evaluate the credit worthiness of your buyer, place a lien on the business, require the buyer to put up collateral and/or a personal guarantee, and service your loan repayment to completion. 

CONFIDENTIALITY:  It's an honor to help you achieve this impressive milestone. We'll maintain strict confidentiality throughout the process so that only the most legitimate buyers will know the identity of your business.


How do we make money? We only collect a fee upon the successful sale of your business, at which point we'll receive 6% of the sale price (industry average is 12%).

No upfront retainers. No hidden fees. All of the marketing costs and effort are on us.