Neighborhood Sandwich Restaurant (Brooklyn, NY)

Purchase Price $299,000


2016E REVENUE: $700,000

2016E CASH FLOW: $125,000


REASON FOR SELLING: Other opportunity


Cash Flow

  • With a 9/10 rating on Foursquare, a 5-star rating on Facebook, and a 4-star rating on Yelp, this restaurant has a loyal following in a hyper-growth Brooklyn neighborhood
  • Sells beer and wine
  • Delivery orders are consistently increasing
  • Revenue and profit have steadily grown year after year without any reason to slow down
  • You can operate this business without feeling like a servant to it. The food is already considered high quality, and thus you can continue with the existing supplier relationships
  • The lease still has another seven years remaining on it and is attractively priced for the area

Pin on map below is within a 2-mile radius of the business